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July 04, 2012

Latin Salsa Festival 2012

The annual Latin Salsa Festival was in town recently. There was great music, dancers, and of course food….

Ricardo Diquez from Tropic Orchestra

Ricardo Diquez from Tropic Orchestra


Home for the Holidays

Center Street, Wallingford, Connecticut

I went back to my hometown, Wallingford, Connecticut,  for the holidays this past year and decided to photograph downtown, curious to see how much had changed from what I remembered.  Strange to see so much had changed, and yet it was still the same….

Railroad Station – Built 1871

Police Department – Originally Connecticut State Armory, Built 1920

Main Street

This section of Main Street was where my favorite bar, aptly titled Main Street, used to be.  I never realized how historic my former watering hole was.  The Episcopal church at the far left was built in 1868.  The next building, where my favorite bar was housed on the first floor, known as the William Wallace Block, was built in 1857.  The building on the far right, which is now a restaurant, was the first First National Bank in Wallingford, built in 1921.

These Still Exist?

Original Bank of Wallingford – Now Bank of America

The Center Street Cemetery, which is located, surprise, in the center of town, on Center Street. (You can see the outside wall of the cemetery in the Center Street image, top of the page.)  The cemetery dates back to the late 1600’s. Some notables found here: Lyman Hall, signer of the Declaration of Independence, Mose Y Beach, founder of AP, and Thomas Yale, founder of Yale University.

Lyman Hall, Signer of the Declaration of Independence, Gravesite

Tombstones from the Early 1800’s

This is only a small sampling of the wonderful history & historical sites in this town.  Looking back on this trip, strange how much of this history I never even noticed growing up there.  I could probably spend days photographing everything, but that’s probably true of most small towns in New England.

Walking Up Center Street



April 02, 2011


This is the local yard waste landfill.   I never new this place existed until a friend brought me here after we did some landscaping.  It’s unbelievable how large this place is.  All the images were taken with my Droid phone.

Brandon Pence – Digital Artist

I’m in the midst of a series of portraits of local artists.  The first artist, Brandon Pence, is a good friend of mine and a very cool digital artist. Two things I found out about Brandon during this shoot, he likes fire and breaking things.

Check out Brandon’s work HERE.


Green Lynx Spider

It’s amazing what you can find in your own backyard.