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February 13, 2013


Sunrise from Navarre Beach….

July 09, 2010

Large Cow Gassing Up

Sometimes you just “happen” upon things.  I’m a big fan of the ridiculous scene, like a yard filled with Christmas inflatables.  My daughter, I’m sure, tired of the numerous cell phone pictures she received of blow-up yard ornaments while in class.  So when we drove by the large Turkey Hill cow at this Tom Thumb on Navarre Beach, I couldn’t resist.

July 05, 2010

Oil on Navarre Beach

Globs of Oil on Navarre Beach, Florida

Shell and Tar Balls

The Gulf Oil Crisis…. Been going to the beach, Navarre Beach, my beach, a lot lately.  Last week, for the first time, there were globs of oil along with the usual small tar balls.  As Hurricane Alex blew through the lower Gulf of Mexico, the skimmers stopped skimming and the rough surf brought more oil ashore.  And now a second storm may be brewing in the southern Gulf of Mexico.

Bird Tracks & Tar Balls

It’s been 77 days since crude oil started spewing into the Gulf.  BP still doesn’t seem to have any answers.  Gulf Oil Crisis….hmmm….maybe Environmental Disaster is a better tag line.

Navarre Beach, Florida

Boycott BP!