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January 01, 2010

My First Workshop

My first workshop.  Let me re-phrase that – my first workshop that I’m holding, or is it teaching.  Maybe teaching is too strong of a word, I’ve always thought of workshops as “doing” rather than teaching.  Not really a classroom experience, it’s more of an “in-the-field” experience.  The workshop is being held under the umbrella of the Northwest Florida Arts Association.   The premise is Historic Pensacola.  So my first thought is Civil War cemetery.  With ghoulish delight (or so I’m told), I sought out my first location, St. Michael’s Cemetery.

Shooting in a cemetery, I’ve found, is a delicate balance of achieving what you want artistically and respecting the history of the place and especially those buried there.

With one location set, it’s time to scout out the next one….